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Recycling Insurance Plans

Recycling Insurance Plans

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Recycling and Reusables Insurance

At AOR Insurance, we focus on specific types of businesses so that we can
provide the most comprehensive and competitive insurance programs for our
clients. We utilize multiple A+ rated carriers that offer complete commercial insurance packages for the recycling industries nationwide. We’ve established ourselves as a market leader by offering a wide range of customized insurance products.

We have a dedicated service team assigned specifically to this industry. Our focus
on the recycling industry enables us to provide prompt, educated and
effective service.

For waste, plastic, and businesses at any stage of the recycling manufacturing process, AOR Insurance has established itself as a market leader by offering a wide range of customized insurance products. AOR has direct access to the single largest insurance supplier to recycling industry manufacturers in the United States. We have a dedicated service team assigned to our recycling, environmental, and clean waste clients, which enables us to provide prompt and effective service to answer your questions in a timely fashion.

Captive Insurance Program

– Policies specifically designed for recycling, clean waste and environmental manufacturing operations
– Risk management online portal exclusively available to our clients that offers an extensive resource library of loss control and safety-related tools, including up-to-date OSHA information, as well as human resources forms and compliance information
– Service team dedicated to your specific industry
– Multiple A rated insurers
– Certificates of Insurance: convenient, instantly issue anytime 24/7

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A+ Rated Insurance Carriers

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Specialized and Dedicated Claims Service for your Industry

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Commercial Package Policies for your Business

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Policies Specifically Designed for your Industry

Core Classes of Business

• Recycling Industry Manufacturing • Waste Haulers • Landfills • Recycling Distributors • Recycling Technology Companies • Machinery Providers • Energy Advisors • Recycling Consultants • Logistics Providers • Recycling Transportation Companies • Environmental Laboratories • Environmental Fire Protection Providers • Waste Handling Equipment Providers • Waste Treatment Facilities • International Recycling • Packaging Industries • Plastic Recycling • Paper and Container Companies • Lumber & Timber Companies • Environmental Companies • Public Utilities