Blurred image of electronics with the caption, "5G?"

Fourth-Generation (4G) cellular technology is common worldwide, with speeds up to 500 times faster than 3G. But things are about to change…

Over 30 billion loT (internet of things) devices could be connected to networks around the world by 2020, all of which will require a connection with more capacity than 4G will be able to manage. The Answer to that problem is 5G. 

What is so great about 5G?

Well, it’s much faster.

It has low latency – the time it takes for technology to respond to your command. The industry expectation for 5g latency is less than five milliseconds – about 4,000 times shorter than the time it took you to read this sentence.

Potential Vulnerabilities

5G devices are expected to connect directly to a 5G network instead of a Wi-Fi router, so those networks are going to be appealing targets to hackers. Follow cyber security best practices and secure sufficient cyber coverage so you can enjoy the benefits of 5G technology as it works through any growing pains.

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